What Are Livestock Systems?

Livestocks are typically defined as domestic animals raised commercially to produce livestock and other products like milk, eggs, meat, fur, feathers, and wool for manufacturing. The word “livestock” comes from the Latin word “labor” and refers to farm living conditions. In modern times, Livestock can refer to domestic cattle, chickens, donkeys, ostriches, zebras, ostriches, ostricheuses, ruminants, and others. Livestock can be used to refer to domestic animals, especially those that are utilized for meat production. Domestic animals may also refer to pets like cats and dogs.

Livestock can be classified into three basic categories based on the way they are raised on a farm. Cattle, goats, and other herd animals are categorized as pasture animals and are usually fed with corn, alfalfa, grass, alfalfa hay, clover, or a combination of these ingredients for growth, maturation, and the laying of eggs. For dairy and milk production, dairy cows, goat, and poultry are classified as feed animals. For poultry, lambs, turkeys, geese, ostriches, chicken, and other poultry are classified as manufactured feed animals. The last two categories, which are ornamental fowl and wild game, are not considered livestock production systems but are commonly referred to as free-range or organic farming because their production is not dependent on animal products.

Livestock has been an important part of agricultural production in many societies for thousands of years. With the advancements in modern technology and breeds of domestic animals, the industry has become more organized and specific laws have been enacted to protect the rights of the animal. The raising and use of animals for commercial purposes such as dairy and milk production, meat production, and animal breeding are categorized as animal commodity production. The use of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and other chemicals in agricultural crops and livestock production systems leads to pollution and contamination in the soil, water, air, and food.