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Animal Care 101

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Animal Care 101

Animal care refers to the well being of non-human beings. Such standards of animal care vary widely between different contexts, but tend to be debated largely by animal rights activists, politicians, and researchers. In the United States, the Humane Society of the Untied States and the National League for Animals are the main bodies representing animal rights activists. Activists opposing animal cruelty usually seek to promote laws against animal cruelty and neglect through political activism and legal interventions.

The advancement of technology allows us to expand our understanding of animal care to new and unprecedented extents. The Internet, for example, has allowed many advocates of animal rights to join together and create online communities. Through these communities they can swap information on how best to promote their pet welfare movements, formulate strategy for future action, and encourage each other to help rescue animals while spreading awareness of the issues. Likewise, advocates of plant rights can use the Internet to help spread information on how plants are affected by deforestation and what steps we can take to save our rainforests. Such networks have been successful in the past, when people who cared about a certain environmental issue pooled their resources and created local grass-roots groups; today they have extended this same strategy via the Internet to include issues concerning pets and animals.

When you care about animals and you want to help them, turn to animal welfare principles for help. You may be able to find some information on the Internet that you can put to good use right now. Other individuals and organizations can also help you learn more about animal care and how you can make your own world a better place for pets and animals alike. It might be difficult at first, but if you feel compelled to help animals in any way, it’s worth the effort.

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