What Is Livestock?

Livestocks are basically the domesticated animals raised for animal breeding purpose in an agricultural setting to make animal products such as milk, eggs, meat, fur, feathers, and wool for use as household articles and other stuff. These products are then processed and sold commercially for profit. There are various industries that are based on animal breeding and the main ones include dairy, meat, beverage, and apparel. There are also industries that provide services related to livestock handling and breeding.

One of the major sectors of the animal farming industry is called pastoralism. This sector is basically associated with business and investment in the raising and selling of herds, horses, and other livestock. Some of the pastoralists are veterinarians who examine and handle sick and dead livestock. Other than this, there are also stock breeders, technologists, veterinarians, and marketers. Their job is to identify potential buyers and breed the desired stock. The main products that are produced by pastoralists are meat, milk, fiber, and eggs.

Because Africa is a very big area and there are so many countries and regions within Africa, there are different types of livestock that are raised and reared for different purposes. Basically, there are two groups of pastoralists in Africa: black and white. The white pastoralists are mostly from southern Africa and they raise mainly cattle and other farm animals. Black pastoralists on the other hand, mostly come from the Northern part of Africa and they focus on dairy, grain, other livestock, and tanning.