Online Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Care For People Who Love Animals and Want to Change the World

Animal care is the well being of non-human animals being used for people’s consumption. Animals are subjected to abuse and suffering on a daily basis, with little representation in the general public. Strict, formal standards of animal care vary widely between different cultural context, but tend to be debated primarily by animal rights advocates, politicians, and academics. People who are concerned about animal rights are generally opposed to animal exploitation, cruelty, factory farming, endangered species’ rights, animal testing, exotic pet trade, dog breeding, and euthanasia.

In addition to these broad philosophical positions, animal care requires specific, often researched skills from animal care professionals and volunteers. The best way to contribute to this sphere of expertise is to complete a well-rounded bachelor’s degree… or even better, a master’s degree! These degrees equip individuals with both scientific knowledge and creative skill. With the appropriate qualifications, animal care professionals can pursue careers that benefit not only humans but our four-legged friends as well…or perhaps you could just help improve the overall well-being of pets everywhere!

Among the most widely-accepted animal welfare practices are spaying/neuterization, adopting and microchip implants, public education regarding animal care, and animal rescue and adoption. Spaying and neutering animals…or, in the case of microchips, the removal of microchips -are the most popular animal welfare interventions. They are typically performed on dogs and cats, but some cats are born with defective microchips, requiring a microchip implant. Neutering/spaying, on the other hand, is performed on horses and other large animals, and it is less common. Humane societies and animal rights activists support these practices because they promote animal wellbeing and happiness; spaying/neuterization reduces animal aggression, acts of desperation, and drug/alcohol use; and adopting and rescuing animals from abusive situations creates loving homes for these beloved friends.