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Is a Two Year Diploma in Animal Care Necessary to Become a Vet Technician?

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Is a Two Year Diploma in Animal Care Necessary to Become a Vet Technician?

Animal care is the well being of non-human animals, including cats, dogs, dolphins, and other farm animals, zoo animals, and exotic pets. Animal welfare is typically discussed in terms of individual animals, but there are international animal care standards that govern how animal care is regulated at a national, regional, or global level. Many people who have experience with animal care, either as a volunteer in a local animal shelter, an employee at a zoo or farm, or a student of animal behavior, disagree on what animal care really entails, and there is a great deal of debate over what kind of activities a pet can perform (like playing fetch and running across a room filled with people) and what it should be able to do (like rip your hair out). Many advocates of certain kinds of animal rights beliefs believe that all animals should be considered to be animals, and all animals should be protected from man’s advancements into space and extinction.

In this article, we will examine whether it is ethical to pursue a degree in animal care. The United States federal government does not regulate animal care; state governments are largely responsible for regulating animal welfare in the nation. A large amount of the laws regulating animal care fall under the area of tort law, which is primarily governed by state Tort Law. A person who engages in the study or practice of animal care may be considered a torts lawyer. According to the American Bar Association, an attorney may specialize in one or more torts: professional negligence, professional misconduct, breach of contract, negligence, advertising fraud, advertising harm, nuisance, and negligence.

As an undergraduate, you may take general studies courses in animal care, as well as biology, chemistry, English, physics, and computer science. If you wish to become a veterinary technician, you should complete a four year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college with a major in veterinary medicine, or a two year associate’s degree from a school that specializes in vet science. In order to qualify for veterinary technician certification, you will need a level 2 diploma from a program that is approved by the American Association of veterinary Assistants. Once you have completed your veterinary medicine degree, you can apply to become a veterinary technician via a program that is approved by the American Association of Animal Hospitals and Veterinarians. Once you have become certified, you will then be able to work at an animal hospital or facility.

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