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Farm Life Is Not All About Fruits and Vegetables

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Farm Life Is Not All About Fruits and Vegetables

A farm is a specific place of land which is dedicated mainly to agricultural farming processes with the main objective of growing and producing food; it’s the center of all farm related activities. In this process, farmers usually grow plants such as grains, soybeans, hay, and cereals for domestic and commercial consumption. These farm products are normally used for making consumer goods like breads, pastas, juices, frozen and salted foods, ice cream, pickles and vegetables among others. This type of businesses generates employment especially during peak seasons since the majority of these farms have small population and many of them depend largely on the yields of the land for sustaining the growth and production of crops.

On a typical farm, the produce sold is mostly used for human consumption and many rural households in developing countries make a living by selling their produce to neighboring communities. The most popular farm products to be sold include vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat, and poultry. While some farm owners tend to sell their produce direct to consumers, others lease or hire the land where they keep the animals. There are also farms which produce food products such as eggs, dairy products, and pig farms.

There are basically two types of farming practices; the first is traditional farming, and the second is called organic farming. Traditional farming involves the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, whereas organic farming concentrates more on the use of natural fertilizers and soil conditioners. The reason why farmers choose to practice organic farming is because chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides pose threats to the health of humans, animals, and the environment. For instance, chemical-based fertilizers have been found to cause kidney diseases, infertility, and cancer; organic fertilizers have not been found to cause these problems.

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