Everything About Domesticated Animals

People have been aware of animals since the beginning of time. Animals have served a number of important purposes for humans throughout the history of recorded history. People have domesticated animals for the purpose of being our companions in life; animals have also provided aid and comfort for humans in their formative years, providing companionship, protection and safety, as well as providing a source of food and other needs. People have also been domesticated animals for their usefulness in hunting and gathering. The two most important types of animals that humans have domesticated are the horse and the dog.

Since the beginnings of recorded history, people have domesticated animals to serve a variety of purposes. Throughout pre-historic times, animals were used for transportation. Throughout prehistoric times, animals were used for the sole purpose of gaming for the carnivores and other large animals. Over the course of time, as people became more sophisticated and increasingly capable of creating farms and other domesticates, animals began to be used for many other purposes including as sources of meat, fur, milk, manure, compost, medicine, toys, building material, vehicles, and even sexual stimulation.

Domesticated animals include all animals that can be tamed, whether they are trained to be pets or free-roaming. The word “domestic” can also mean a range of things, including furs (or fur), animals used for riding, and wild animals that are used for hunting. Other animals include domesticated birds, lizards, mammals, insects, and fish. In modern times, animals are used for a variety of purposes, including companionship, work, sport, protection, and breeding.