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Choosing an Animal Care Specialist

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Choosing an Animal Care Specialist

Animal care is the care of non-human primates and other animals that are used in veterinary medicine and other research. There are formal guidelines on animal care that have been published by international animal organizations, including the World Health Organization and the United States National Institutes of Health. Such formal standards of animal care vary significantly between different context but are often debated mainly by politicians, scientists, and veterinary doctors. Such guidelines may include a minimum amount of space given to animals, protection from certain diseases or ailments, or a prohibition against certain practices that can cause distress to the animal.

There has been much debate on whether or not it is humane to train animals in laboratories for experiments before they are released into the wild. Opponents argue that such practice may cause stress to the animal and may cause the animal to become weaker over time due to the lack of exercises. However, proponents of animal care believe that it is both necessary and beneficial to do such training, especially in large, long-term animal care settings such as research facilities and zoos. Such arguments are not based on sound scientific evidence, as the results of such studies have been inconclusive. In addition, most veterinarians have stated that while they support the practice of pre-training animals, they do not feel it is necessary to subject such animals to living in a small enclosed space for an extended period of time.

When choosing which animal care experts to hire for services in your facility, you will want to ask about their backgrounds and expertise. Make sure they have experience with animals in various care settings, as well as the proper protocol to follow when dealing with sick or injured animals. Most animal specialists should be willing to provide references of clients who they have successfully serviced in the past, and should be willing to speak with you about any aspect of animal care or medical care that you may have a question about. In addition, you should ask about the success rate of the specialists that you are considering. It is important that your veterinarian have a high success rate, as you will be able to depend on them to provide outstanding service to you and your patients, both during regular office hours and after hours.

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