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Dinosaurs – The Most Elegant Life Forms On Earth

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Dinosaurs – The Most Elegant Life Forms On Earth

Animals are multicellular, organismic, eukaryote living organisms in the Kingdom Animalia. With few exceptions, animals eat organic matter, breathe oxygen, can move, can reproduce internally, and defecate. The primary nervous system of an animal is complex, including no nervous system or central nervous system, but rather a collection of organs that function together to allow an animal to move. The major organs are the brain, spinal cord, internal organs including the gastrointestinal tract, liver, spleen, pancreas, etc., and sensory organs which sense physical stimuli.

Most animals have nervous systems and most animals make use of brains to do what animals do in the animal kingdom. But, humans aren’t mammals, though we think of ourselves as such in many ways – perhaps because of our use of tools or because we have a much more complex nervous system than most animals. People have bodies that are both soft and hard, hair that grows all over their bodies except for their face, eyes, mouth, and nose, and even teeth that can grow in rows instead of being flat. Most people have ovaries and a thyroid gland, which sit atop the torso. Humans are one of the few animals with a central nervous system, but unlike other animals in the animal kingdom, humans have a very complicated nervous system.

The dinosaurs are classed among the most ancient of animals and are the most complete fossils to have been discovered so far. All other forms of life on Earth prior to the Cretaceous period had varying degrees of evolution, including species of dinosaurs and other animals. dinosaurs are the only major animal species known to have lost most of its teeth through the process of metamorphosis. This process can be likened to a kind of dawn and dusk phenomenon where teeth grow back or become unspayed after a certain period of time during the day. This process is similar to the process by which teeth grow in reverse for invertebrates, and it is likely the same thing that allowed dinosaurs to go into a state of semi-dormancy.

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